Welcome to Chris & Lisa Heckaman

This weekend, I will share the worship message and platform with Chris Heckaman, Ginghamsburg’s new Executive Pastor of Ministries and my future successor as... Read More

Fighting Evil - Like Jiu Jitsu

It was Father’s Day 2007. I woke up in an NGO (non-governmental organization) compound in Ed Daein, Darfur that was surrounded by nine-foot walls topped with... Read More

Principled Leadership – Presidents, Priests & Parishioners

In the United Methodist Church in which I serve, it’s clergy appointment season. Across the U.S. pastors, some seasoned and a few freshly off their ordination... Read More

Church Response to the Drug Crisis

The United Methodist Church’s focus on preventing deaths from malaria has been remarkable. The Catholic Church’s long-time efforts toward stopping AIDS has... Read More

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