A Christ-Filled Christmas

Photos inside the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem from my November trip there with Carolyn and a Ginghamsburg team. Tens of thousands of Christians traditionally visit Manger Square in front of the church on Christmas Eve to celebrate Jesus’ birth. 

Carolyn and I, along with Pastor Chris and Lisa Heckaman and the entire staff team, want to wish you a very Merry Christmas! This will be my 38th and final time as the lead pastor to celebrate Christmas Eve with my Ginghamsburg Church family and friends. What a privilege it continues to be! I always take seriously the responsibility of teaching God’s word – especially at Christmas when folks are often more spiritually open. Yet I have found myself this time spending even more time than usual in prayer and preparation for what God can and will do to reach those who are lost, lonely and struggling. I am filled with anticipation!

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday at the Tipp City Campus. Our worship times are 1, 2:30, 4, 5:30, 7, 8:30 and 10pm. We will also have one “family worship” at 9am on Christmas morning.

Our Fort McKinley Campus family celebrates Christmas Eve at 5:30 and 7pm, and The Point Campus at 5:30pm. The two campuses are joining for a 9am Christmas Day worship at the Fort.

May you have a Merry and Christ-filled Christmas! The best is yet to come.

Pastor Mike

Mike Slaughter is the almost four-decade chief dreamer and lead pastor of Ginghamsburg Church and the spiritual entrepreneur of ministry marketplace innovations. Mike’s call to "afflict the comfortable" challenges Christians to wrestle with God and their God-destinies. His newest book is Down to Earth (Abingdon Press; 2016), a paradigm-shifting, four-week Advent study with Ginghamsburg Executive Pastor of Discipleship Rachel Billups. A Down to Earth DVD, Leader Guide, Youth Study, Children’s Leader Guide and seasonal devotional are also available.

Recent Comments

From the beginning, when I was much younger, the ministry of BUMC has been inspiring.  Thank you.  Wait patiently for what is in store.

This will be a bitter sweet Christmas Eve. Thank you for all you have done . We will miss you tremendously.

The Schuler family
Garry,Saundra, Josh, Caleb

The pictures brought tears to my eyes! What a blessing it was to be in the places Jesus walked and talked and breathed. It was what I needed! Thank you to you and Carolyn for being a part of all of our hearts!

Dec 23—Hi, Mike, When I taught at St. Paul School of Theology, Hal Knight and I discussed your start-up of Ginghamsburg with our class—Inspiring!!  —Now I’m invited to serve a church, and I’d like to use what I think was your approach before you took G’burg:  a process meeting to get hopes, goals on newsprint, then naming what you could do, then testing to see if others were ready to sign on for the rest (is this more or less how it was, or an urban church legend? grin).  I’m in Cols, OH, and cd come to you if you wd coach me on how I might make this work?  email or 513-704-4534.  Out of town Jan 4-8; otherwise, free.  Holy Feast of Incarnation to you and all!
Sue Smith

Doug and I have celebrated over 20 years of Christmas Eve services with you as our lead pastor. We appreciate all the messages that you have shared and will pray along with you that God will guide you on the path he has in mind for you.  I’m confident that you will be ready for an awesome adventure.

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